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What Happens to Mosquitoes During The Winter?

Summers along the coast in Myrtle Beach can be fantastic. Sure, the temperature can shoot through the roof, but that’s why we all live here, right? We can all agree that the absolute worst part of those warmer months are those pesky, uninvited guests that we all have to deal with. No, we are not referring to the tourists, but instead, mosquitoes. These insects thrive during the summer (until a Best technician comes around!) wreaking havoc on picnics and family gatherings. We thought that this month we would give you a little insight on these pests and how they keep themselves busy during the other seasons.

The Birds & The Bees (& Mosquitoes)

Fun Fact: Male mosquitoes only live for roughly 10 days after mating, so none of them make it through the winter. Females go into hibernation in a burrow dug underground when it’s cold outside. They can remain in this state for about 6 months or until Spring. During this time, female mosquitoes need to deposit their eggs. They also need to find protein, which is found in blood, to make sure that their eggs fully develop. A few days after feeding, females deposit eggs into standing water and live up to 8 weeks after doing so. Females are able to deposit eggs every few days as an adult, which can lead to a significant bump in mosquito populations.

In The Springtime

Here in South Carolina, warm temperatures return early in the Spring. This time of the year is also rainy, which provides an ideal situation for mosquitoes to come out of a dormant state to feed (on us!). We can help to keep the female population down during this time. By doing so, we can prevent you from having a massive mosquito problem! You can also lower your risk of a large influx of mosquitoes by eliminating any standing water on your property and/or having Best come to spray every so often.

Our recommendation is to stay ahead of the mosquitoes by knowing their tendencies. We can all relax and enjoy the outdoors right now, but come Spring, they will be out and about. That’s when we step in…

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