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The Most Essential Spring Pest Control Tips

The rainy season is here and there’s nothing we can do about it except tighten up our pest control! With spring right around the corner, wildlife and insects are trickling back into our lives but, hopefully not into our homes. Our team here at Best Home & Property Service is here to share with you the most essential pest control tips to help you have a pest-free home this spring and summer! 

Get Rid Of Standing Water

There’s nothing pests love more than fresh standing water where they can lay their eggs. Whether it’s a few puddles in your yard, a bird bath close by, or water in your gutters, to eliminate any breeding ground for pests it’s best to dry up those areas as soon as possible.

A Clean Yard Is A Pest-Free Yard

This includes keeping trash cans closed and away from your home, yard debris off of your roof, gutters, and out of your yard, and check underneath your deck or porch area – these places can be a paradise for pests if left unchecked! 

Seal Your Home’s Entryways

Aside from giving pests a place to breed and live around your home, sealing all entryways to your home can ensure that no pests are seeping through the cracks. Caulk and weather stripping have been proven to help eliminate pests from crawling in as well as keeping your home insulated during warm and cold months. 

Make Sure All Food Is Sealed + Put Away Properly

When pests smell or sense food, they’ll do anything to get inside. By keeping all your food and leftovers stored away properly, you can reduce the chances of pests invading your home.

By following these tips along with routine pest control, your chances of having pests invade your home are cut in half! As always, our team here at Best Home & Property Service is here to help with all your pest control needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have!

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