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Spring Is Near, Spray Today!

Despite the fact that most pest control companies suggest spraying the house at any time of the year, many experts agree that Spring is the best time. What makes spring the best time to spray the house?

Insects, bugs, and pests emerge from dormancy with the arrival of warmer temperatures. Several factors make this a good time for bugs to discover your home. It’s a place full of leftovers, food, and even crumbs that will appeal to them.

It also makes sense to tackle pest control during springtime since spiders, ants, ticks, and mosquitoes are frail after the long winter. Pest control can pick up where winter left off since many of these pests die off in the cold months.

Considering the above factors, pest control experts recommend spraying the house with an insecticide in the spring. Of course, this will depend on the specific situation.

The morning is the best time to apply pesticides during the cooler parts of the day. This allows foliage and grass to dry before temperatures reach 85+ degrees. Of course if that doesn’t work for you, choose a time best suited for your schedule. It is better than not spraying at all.

Spraying for termites also kills any other bugs in the house as well, dual purpose you could say. No roaches or Palmetto bugs peaking out this Spring when the warmer weather occurs if you get ahead and spray now.

It is best to carry out any kind of maintenance at home during times when everyone is out of the way. Specifically, not during the school break or over the Christmas holiday. So what about now? Before the kids are on Spring Break and the weather gets warmer.

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