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Termite Protection

Termites cause more damage to homes than fires or storms and are found in every state except Alaska. A typical home with termites may have three to four termite colonies around it, with as many as one million termites in every colony.

Best Home & Property Services offers you valuable benefits to consider when choosing a Termite Protection Plan.

Two treatments, One plan, no compromise – Advance Termite Baiting System plus liquid Termidor H.P. Best is the only company on the Grand Strand that has the Termidor HP injection system which is provided to us by BASF! Termidor HP is the latest liquid termiticide innovation from BASF that substantially reduces the need to dig trenches, removes human error, drill or rod while performing the termite treatment. This innovation provides the fastest and most accurate method for completing a liquid termite treatment. Here at Best we don’t have you pick whether you want the baiting system or liquid, we give you BOTH for one low price. You can always count on Best to have the latest technology and the strongest warranties!


We offer three pre-treat options for builders:

man spraying ground with termite treatment
exterior of luxury home

Ask About Our Free Pre-Treat

For new homes and builders we will install the advance termite baiting system for FREE and provide the first years renewal fee for FREE! That’s right this treatment is 100% free, we at Best are looking to protect and create that personal relationship with each homeowner and keep them protected from termites for life since this treatment has a Lifetime Protection Bond.

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• Wood Infestation Reports (CL-100)
• Damage Repair Insurance up to $100,000 per occurrence (up to $1,000,000), with no waiting period.
• Continuous protection for the life of the warranty as long as the annual fee remains current.
• Licensed and Insured, providing General Liability and Workers’ Compensation insurance to give you peace of mind.

• Necessary re-treats at no additional cost during the warranty period.
• All technicians are certified or have Verifiable Training.
• Warranties are transferable when you sell your home.
• By protecting your health, home, business and well-being along the Grand Strand for many years, let us show you what separates “Best” from the rest.

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