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Adult mosquitoes are slender true flies, usually less than 1 cm long. They have long thin legs and wings. Some other true flies look like mosquitoes, but only mosquitoes have the long thin mouthparts called a proboscis. Adult mosquitoes have long antennae, and male mosquitoes antennae look very feathery. Like all true flies, mosquitoes only have two wings. Their bodies and wings are covered with microscopic scales.


Mosquitoes need still freshwater or slightly salty water for their larvae to grow, but different species have evolved to use all different kinds of water. Some grow in ponds, some in puddles, some in tree holes, some in swamps, some in salt marshes. They are most common and diverse in humid habitats, such as the Eastern Carolinas

Mosquitoes start to become a problem as temperatures begin to rise in spring. The mosquito season lasts from April to September each year. We recommended you have your home treated by professionals early on in the season to prevent major problems. And if you already have mosquito problems, to call us immediately to put a quick and effective control program in place for you.


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