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Fleas are small insects that parasitize the coats of a wide range of domestic animal species including cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, poultry, humans and rats and which survive by feeding on the blood of their hosts. In appearance they are small (about 1 – 2.5mm in length, depending on the flea species) and yellowish to dark brown in color depending on whether they have recently fed or not (the abdomen of an engorged flea swells and appears paler brown in color than that of an unfed flea.


Signs of infestation can usually first be seen on the warm-bodied (furbearing) family members, generally cats and dogs. A sign of heavy infestation is when you can identify fleas hanging around the eyes and nostrils of your pets. If the pets in or around your property are infested with fleas, changes are very good that so is your property (interior or exterior, or both). Fleas can infest yards if you keep outdoor animals, and they can infest the interior of your home, particularly if the home is mostly carpeted. Carpet is not a necessity for interior flea infestation however.



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