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Pesticides and Plant Safety

Pesticides are one of the easiest ways to rid your home of pests and help control the pest population in an area. However, keeping your other plants in mind is an important step in the process. If you’re trying to get rid of insects feeding on certain plants, you probably want to know if pesticides will destroy your new spring landscaping. We know that pests can be a pain in the warmer months, but those plants are important, too! Here’s our guide to pesticides and plant safety in Myrtle Beach.

Are Pesticides Safe for Plants

Pesticides are a great choice to help protect your plants and home from infestation. When used properly, they can be a lifesaver. However, there is still a risk of improper use. If directions are not followed correctly, then there is a chance that pests will not be adequately controlled. It is also important to note that not using pesticides correctly can cause damage to the surrounding fauna, as well as any pets that may live in your home.

When searching for the right pesticide, there may be a more natural answer. Sometimes, home remedies and natural chemicals can be just as proactive. This may be a better option to look into first if you have pets or small children on the property. Research is an important factor in any treatment, so make sure to read labels or consult a garden professional for any advice about specific plants. 

Pesticide and Plant Safety

Found the pesticide right for you? Here are a few tips to get you started on your treatment:

  • Make sure to read your labels! It is important that the pesticide you choose is made for the type of plants you have or the type of pest you are attempting to spray for.
  • Do not use pesticides on any plants that will be eaten later, such as vegetables to edible flowers that may be placed near food. 
  • Outdoor use of pesticides is stated for a reason. Do not spray these in your home.
  • Some pesticides only treat specific stages of pests. Different sprays and treatments may be needed for eggs than for full-grown bugs.
  • The less toxic for the people and plants around you, the better. If you feel you need something stronger, contact a pest control professional like Best Home Property Services.
  • Making your own pesticide? Make sure to buy new measuring cups or spoons: do not mix the measuring equipment from your kitchen with chemicals.
  • Do not just spray around. Make sure you are applying pesticides to direct places for the most effective treatment.
  • Try not to spray where there is tons of wind. This can carry the pesticide to unwanted locations and not to your plants.

Protecting You From Pests

One of the best ways to ensure safety from pests is by hiring a professional pest control company. The professionals at Best Home & Property Services are ready with the knowledge of pesticides and plant safety to keep your plants safe. That’s why Best Home & Property Services are here to help you ensure your new home is pest free. Think you may have a pest problem? Give us a call at 843-236-3065 or get a FREE QUOTE right online.

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