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Other Services

As you know, Best Home & Property Services offers pest control, moisture control and concrete leveling services. Here are a few other services that we offer our clients:

Downspout Extensions

Remove roof water away from your foundation with one of our 3 options:

1. LawnScape Outlet

This underground downspout extension connects your downspout to a special LawnScape Outlet sending water away from the foundation while camouflaging the end of the pipe. It is best for downspout extensions over 7 feet long. It’s also a popular choice for sump pump discharge lines. A removable lid makes for easy cleaning.

2. RainChute

This recessed downspout extension is recessed into the ground and carries downspout water away from the foundation. It is best for homes where the lawn starts at the foundation. The clog-free design flushes leaves and debris away and it is lawnmower friendly.

3. RainChute EZ

This above ground downspout extension directs downspout water 3 to 8 feet away from the foundation. It is best for landscaped areas near the foundation. The clog-free design flushes leaves and debris away.



Protect your home from leaking water heaters and dripping well-water tanks. The average life of a water heater is 8 years and when they fail, they leak and result in the same as a groundwater leak, which is a flooded basement. Leaking water heaters account for tens of thousands of flooded basements each year. When a water heater leaks, an unlimited supply of pressurized water will flood the basement. The FloodRing will contain that water and drain it away to the perimeter drainage system and sump pump, and prevent your baseent from flooding.

The FloodRing offers a unique semi-circle shape that installs in sections without disturbing the water heater or well tank. The watertight seal contains flooding. The Flood Ring is compatible with the WaterGuard drainage system. An alarm is installed inside of the FloodRing that can alert you of a leak as well.




Best currently offers two Mold-X2 products:

1. Mold-X2 Stain Remover

This stain remover removes stains in 20 seconds flat! It is a highly effective cleaner for contaminated building surfaces such as wood and masonry. Mold stains are removed in 20 seconds. While Mold-X2 stain remover eliminates mold, it does not prevent it from growing back unless moisture is controlled. Additionally, an application of Mold-X2 Botanical (see below) is recommended. Mold-X2 Stain Remover has an odor during and immediately following application – ventilation is recommended.

2. Mold-X2 Botanical

One application of this antimicrobial, fungicide and disinfectant will prevent mold from growing back on building materials. Mold-X2 Botanical is a superior cleaner and deodorizer with an all-natural thyme-based formula.



The TrenchDrain surface drainage system is designed to prevent water from entering your home through doorways and stairways. The TrenchDrain collects water and drains it to a perimeter drainage system or sump pump. It prevents water damage to your basement environment, keeping your home safe and dry. Over 20,000 TrenchDrain/WaterGuard systems have been installed across North America.


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