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How To Know If Termites Are Destroying Your Home

Nobody likes guests that show up uninvited, so when the termites let themselves in, make sure you are ready to kick them out.

Termites are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. They are known to destroy all homes, all sizes, in almost all areas across the United States. In South Carolina especially, termites are more active as the weather heats up. Termites can go undetected for a while because they eat away at the structure of your house usually without you knowing it. In order to prevent catastrophic damage to the structure of your home, look at the warning signs to determine if termites are affecting your home.


One of the most prominent and easiest ways to detect that termites are present in your home is if you hear clicking or a light banging coming from your walls. When termites are eating, it isn’t uncommon to hear them chewing on wood which explain light banging noises. A clicking noise would best be explained by termites potentially warning others that they are in danger. When termites feel that they are in danger, they tend to shake their bodies in order to warn others. If you hear either of these noises, it is probably a pretty clear sign that you should get your home checked out for potential termite damage.

Flying Termites

Flying termites, more commonly known as swarmers, are very common to appear within or around your home. One of the first warning signs that you might have termites living in your home is if swarmers are seen. Depending on different breeds and species of termites, some can potentially be attracted to light sources or the complete opposite, and come out only in dark conditions.

Another indication that you might have flying termites in your home is if you see shedded wings around your home. Male termites die shortly after they mate which makes usually means males tend to shed their wings shortly before they die. Shedded wings usually begin to appear around windows or doorways as those are common ways for termites to enter or exit a home.

Blistering In Floors or Wood Around Your Home

Are you beginning to notice blistering in the woodwork, outside paneling, or floors of your home? If so, this might be a sign that you are experiencing termite damage in your home. “Blisters” in wood can best be described as tunnels for termites to travel through or entry ways into your home. Signs of blistering usually become present as termite infestation is becoming more severe. If you see blistering or bubbles in your wood, it is a good idea to give Best Home Property Services a call for all your pests!

Any of these signs are potential indications that you might have a termite problem in your home. Be sure to give Best Home Property Services a call for all your extermination needs.

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