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How To Keep Bed Bugs From Coming Home With You On Spring Break

No one wants to find bed bugs in their luggage when they get home from spring break. That’s why it’s important to take steps before you go out of town that will help you avoid bringing bed bugs back with you. Avoid  the expense, annoyance, and health risks of an infestation at home. Here are some things you can do to keep bed bugs from coming home with you on spring break.
Bed Bugs Can Hitchhike Home With YouBed bugs hitchhike home with you. But if you know how to prevent and control bed bugs, you can keep them from coming home with you when you go out of town. This blog covers everything you need to know about preventing and controlling bed bugs during travels as well as tips for reducing your risk of bringing bed bugs home with you at spring break. Below are some helpful tips to ensure your safety on your next vacation. 

  • Ensure that your surroundings are free of bed bugs at all times. Bed bug inspections should include looking for reddish-brown feces as well as casts of bed bug skins. You should be aware that bed bugs can be found in public places. Letting your guard down for just a moment could result in these bloodsuckers jumping onto your clothing and traveling with you home.
  • In order to avoid bed bugs during travel, you need to be aware of what bed bugs look like and to inspect public areas, such as airports, buses, taxis, hotels, and motels, for evidence of bed bugs. 
  • Prior to bringing your luggage into a hotel room or motel room, you should carefully inspect the items for bed bugs, using a flashlight. Verify the presence of bed bugs on mattresses, box springs, bedding, headboards, and other furniture. 
  • Be sure to keep suitcases, bags, purses, and other belongings off the ground, and only unpack what you will be using/wearing that day; sealed plastic bags are most effective for items you aren’t using.
  • As soon as you return home from traveling, unpack your suitcases outside, preferably in the garage. No matter if the clothing was worn or not, wash it on high heat to kill any pests.You should thoroughly vacuum and sanitize your luggage before bringing it inside to be stored for your next excursion.
  • Children should not sit or lie on the ground in public places such as airports, shopping centers, or hotel and motel rooms to prevent pesky little buggers from tagging along.
  • Always carry a small LED flashlight with you. It can be used to find bed bugs and their eggs; a flashlight can also be especially helpful in dark movie theaters.

A few small tips can help prevent or kill bed bugs and keep them out of your suitcase. And, if you do get bed bugs, be sure to reach out and ask for help. Our professionals can take care of it—and there are a lot of options. 

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