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Best Pest Control: Types of Pests in Myrtle Beach

The hot and humid coastal air brings with it some other visitors besides seagulls and sea turtles. We’re talking about pests, those unwanted house guests (especially of the bed bug variety!) that can be hard to get rid of and can cause other issues within your home. Here are some common ones that call the Myrtle Beach area home:

Palmetto Bugs aka American Cockroaches

South Carolina has some varieties that are unique to the Palmetto state – including “Palmetto bugs”, which is a unique type of cockroach. These pests prefer damp areas and are often in woodpiles, mulch or sewers. They usually startle people, as they fly towards light, and usually into people face and hair. Don’t let the cute name fool you, these can cause a major infestation in your home or shed.


Many beetles are invasive to South Carolina, such as Asian lady beetles and emerald ash borers. Some beetles that are native to the area include boll weevils, cottonwood borers, green June Beetles and carpet beetles. Many are harmless, but are unpleasant to have in your home. Usually they will find dark hiding areas such as closets, pantries or cabinets, especially those with a food supply.

Ants and Stinging Insects

The Palmetto state is home to nearly 40 species of stinging insects and ants. They will build nests either by air or in ant hills, and if they believe you pose a threat, could sting or bite you. Additionally they will destroy wood on your home or deck, and also can get into unsealed food. Some to look out for are black carpenter ants, yellow jackets and the great black wasps.

Butterflies and Moths

While these might appear to be “cousins” of each other, these two winged type of insect are very different. For the most part, butteries, such as the monarch, are just lovely to see fly by, and do no true harm. Moths, on the other hand, can do damage to household items, such as clothing garments and dry goods.

General Insects

Other actual bugs in the area that are pretty common, are aphids, water bugs and grasshoppers. Of course there are other pests that can cause more harm such as mosquitos and bed bugs. The best way to combat mosquitos is not to leave standing water around, such as bird baths, which is a breeding ground for mosquitos.

If you are experiencing any type of infestation, please give Best Pest Control a call, we will be happy to set up time to come assess your issues and hopefully eradicate them!

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