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5 Tips To Keep Ants Away This Summer

Ants are some of the trickiest pests of them all. They can enter through the tiniest of cracks, seeking water and sweet, or greasy food substances that were left over in the kitchen pantry or even dropped on the floor. Much like us, they are constantly seeking for food, shelter, and water. However, if you remove their access to these resources, than you can greatly reduce their interest in sneaking into your home and making it a permanent residence. Because much like us, once the ants cannot find what they’re looking for they will go look somewhere else.  Here’s some ways to avoid the annoying ant infestation before it becomes a huge problem…

  1. Keep food in sealed containers

Since ants are attracted to many sweet and tangy treats such as sugar, honey, syrup, and other sticky-sweet goodies, it is very important to always keep those items sealed up and stored away in the refrigerator. Along with grabbing those open bags of chips, crackers, and cereals off the counter and sealed up tightly to avoid an infestation.

  1. Keep pet food and water dishes clean

Your pet’s food is easy-pickings for ants, especially with it laying on the floor for hours each day. You should serve your pet only the amount of food that they will be able to eat in one sitting in order to avoid leftover food to be sitting out all day. Also any leftover food should be put back into a sealed bag to avoid further attraction of ants.

  1. Check to make sure you have no cracks or holes on the outside of your house.

Going around and doing a little check of your own house would be super beneficial before the summer months hit. Checking for any little cracks and open seals that could lead for the little black army of ants to march on through.

  1. Dispose of garbage regularly

Keeping food scraps in your household is a huge mistake, especially during the hot summer months. You should also try not to keep those full garbage bags laying around the house because it will eventually lead to a contamination of ants that will be trickier to get rid of.

  1. Wipe up crumbs and spills immediately.

Ants seem to start their way on your floors and the countertops. That makes it so much more important to do a daily sweep of your floors after preparing, cooking, or eating meals. Along with making sure all of the counters are wiped down with soap and water and are not left sticky. This way you can eliminate the possibility of unwanted visitors in your home.



Sometimes even your best attempts to get rid of these little monsters are not as effective as you would have hoped. Therefor calling in a professional pest removal company will be your best bet. One of our service technicians at Best Home & Property Services can provide preventative pest control than can help permanently fix your ant problem for good!

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