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Top 3 Summertime Pests To Look Out For

With the weather heating up and summer right around the corner, pest control is probably the last thing on your mind this season. The hottest months of the year are coming and that means many pests are going to lurking about trying to find a cool place to live along with their next meal. That’s why our team here at Best Home & Property Service is here to tell you about the top three summertime pests you should look out for this season. 


Yep! It’s that time of year again… the best way to combat a mosquito problem is to remove any standing water around your home and on your property if possible. Since adult mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water this time of year, to get rid of them all together you need to break their reproductive cycle at the source. 


Whether you have pets or not, ticks are a very common problem this time of year. Since we’ve had a mild winter this past year, ticks are at an all-time high. Since people and pets spend more time outside this time of year, they tend to become more of a problem. 


Stepping on an ant pile this time of year is something we’re all guilty of. This time of year ants are working hard to stock up on food for their colony and to last them for the fall and winter season. The best way to combat this pest is to get rid of or properly store any food that’s left out in the open, as well as wipe up any sticky mess left behind. 

While these pests are the most common and familiar to homeowners, there are many more that are out and about this time of year! Whether you have a current pest problem or just want to get ahead with preventative maintenance, our team here at Best Home & Property Service is here to help! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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