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Red, White, & Blue Service Plans are Perfect for July!

With the Fourth of July around the corner, the nation joins together to celebrate freedom! Well, here at Best Home and Property Services, we’re celebrating freedom from bugs! And, we hope you are too, but in case you’re not, we have Red, White, and Blue Service Plans, to fit whatever pest needs you seem to be having in and around your property!

Of course, we always see elevated levels of insects in the summer and, there are some nice ones such as butterflies, lady bugs, and lightening bugs. But, what about the pesky ones like fleas, ants, beetles, ticks, and mosquitos? Seeing them outside in a common space is one thing but when they start to encroach on your home and become a nuisance in your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, that’s when it’s time for us to step in!

Below is an overview of our plans and the starting prices, which vary depending on square footage.

Our Red Service Plan starts at $42.50 a month and includes general pest control, mosquito control and interior flea control.

Our White Service Plan starts at $52.50 per month, and includes general pest control, mosquito control, interior and exterior flea and mole cricket treatments as needed.

Our Blue Service Plan starts at $68.75 per month and includes general pest control, annual treatment, fire ant treatment, mosquito control, interior and exterior flea, mole cricket and mole treatments as needed.

We conveniently include different packaging because we realize that not everyone has the same kinds of issues depending on where you live, what kind of home you live in, and what kind of outdoor space you have. If you are worried about fleas in your yard and on your pets, silverfish in the bathroom, cockroaches in the kitchen, or bed bugs in the bed, give us a call today!

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