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Hurricanes and Pests – What You Need To Know

Living in South Carolina, we are no strangers to both hurricanes and pests. 

It is never fun to deal with a pest issue on your property, but it is only compounded by inclement weather or a natural disaster. It is just another headache to layer on to all the other concerns of flood damage, driving in the area, and basic concerns such as food, water and shelter. Here are some of the pests you could be dealing with: 


This pest is your biggest worry post hurricane. Flooding from the hurricane provides lots of standing water, for long periods of time, making for the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Not only are they annoying and unpleasant, they also spread disease such as West Nile as a result. Get rid of as much standing water as soon as possible to combat these pests. 


These sneaky, slithering pests will be out and about after hurricane, so keep your eyes pealed. They will be seeking shelter, just like we are, from the elements and flooding. The best way to keep these unwelcome guests them into your home or property is to not let any debris build up in the yard, or any openings caused by damage to be uncovered. These are places snakes can wiggle into for safety, and be an unpleasant surprise for your later. 

Rodents, Ants, Cockroaches, & Wasps 

During a natural disaster, survival instincts kick in, causing living things to look for dry, warm, safe shelter. Unfortunately, pests are included in this. Since the ground has become so moist, many rodents that usually live under ground our forced out of their burrows, and will be more than happy to settle into your home. 

Other pests such as bugs are attracted to moisture, drawing them to flooded areas and standing water near your home. A little known fact – fire ants can build their mounds on top of standing water! That should give you some motivation to get rid of it ASAP! 

Also make sure any places a pest could get access into your home is sealed to avoid an infestation, or a new nest being made during this time. Additionally, remove any downed branches or damage from your property promptly. The longer it stays, the more likely some type of pest will attempt to make it their new home. 

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