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How To Prepare Your Home For Summer Pests

Summer brings a lot of amazing things – sunshine, barbecues, and family fun. But it can also bring in some unwelcome house guests as well. Some of these could be spiders, ants, and cockroaches. Here are some tips on how to help secure your home from these little buggers: 


The easiest way to combat ants is to make sure there isn’t any food left out. Ants leave behind a scented trail, so that others can follow them. If there is one ant, there are sure to be more. Some simple tips to keep your home safe from these little invaders is: 

  • Keep you house tidy – sweep the floors, do the dishes, take out the trash 
  • Put food away
  • Keep your pets areas cleaned up 
  • Create an ant barrier around your home with chalk or borax 


While spiders are a beneficial part of the eco-system, they give many of us the creepy-crawlies. 

These eight legged guys enjoy the dark where they can hunt other pests for food. You can prevent them from coming in as a house guest by: 

  • Vacuuming often 
  • Keep your home tidy 
  • Do not leave food out 
  • Fix any torn screens or holes in your home 
  • Do not store firewood close to your home 
  • Clear any webs your see in the area


One of the most common pests, cockroaches thrive where there are food sources and places to take shelter. To deter these critters: 

  • Clean up the kitchen nightly 
  • Trim bushes in the yard 
  • Vacuum your flooring and furniture often 
  • Seal all food 

If you do experience any pest issues, please reach out to us this season, Best is here to help! 

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