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Fall Is Here, But Pests Don’t Have To Be 

It’s that time of year – the leaves turn colors, the air gets crisper, and the pests come to live with you. Wait – what?! That’s not the case with our services, but do you know what types of pests might be seeking warmth and sustenance in your home.

Fall Bugs 

Fall is an active time in the bug community. There is lots of coming and going with winter time preparation. Commonly seen outside in the summer months, ant trails can magically start appearing in your home as they move their colony in for fall and winter. Specifically these six legged pests try to get into your walls and under your slab foundation. 

Autumn Pests 

Seeking shelter for the cooling outdoor temperatures, rodents (mice, rats, etc) are looking for warmer places to call home. This is when you need to be protecting your home the most! These little (or sometimes not so little) guys will try get into walls, closets, pantries, attics, or anywhere perfect for hiding. They can squeeze into very small openings in search of new nesting ground. A sign that you might have a rodent in your home is if you see droppings, opened food packages and gnawing marks. Another tell “tail” sign are wires being chewed and hearing rustling in the walls or floors. Rodents are not only surprising and off-putting, they also carry disease and can spread illness. 

Flies and Stringing Insects

While the afore mentioned bugs hunker down, flies and stinging insects tend to linger a bit more.  With the impending cold weather, these insects get more defensive as they are in survival mode. Wasps are especially guilty of this, and like to make their homes in garages and shed. Take extreme caution if you think there is a nest and you are entering either of those on your property. 

Fall Maintenance Tips 

Fall is a time for outside decorations of corn stalks, pumpkins and bails of hay. But these can also make for a great hide out for many pests. Once the season is over, or the decoration has fallen apart, make sure to discard immediately to avoid any pest related problems. How delicious would a rotting pumpkin be to an ant colony? Another consideration is firewood, as it makes a perfect nesting places for rodents and other pests. 

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