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5 Ways Your Home Is Attractive to Pests

Spring is in full swing and summer will be here before you know it! As locals, we know how the weather in Myrtle Beach can turn your home into a breeding ground for pests.  As a homeowner, there could be things you’re doing that you don’t realize attracts pests. That’s why our team here at Best Home and Property Service has made a list of a few things to look out for this season. 


Insects and other annoying pests, like termites, are attracted to wet areas, like leaks and standing water. Not only can moisture cause structural damage to your home, but uninvited pests can also do some costly damage.

Small Cracks & Damaged Screens

Little pests can squeeze their way through the tiniest spaces. By making sure your window screens are secure and there are no cracks in the wall where old plumbing or electrical used to be, you can ensure no pest will get through. 

Clutter and Open Trash

If you keep trash or clutter (especially cardboard) outdoors, this can be a breeding ground for pests when left out in the open. When needing to store items, it’s best to use plastic bags or containers rather than cardboard. 

Dirty Kitchens

Another great way to attract pests is with a dirty kitchen. Leftover food and wet surfaces are exactly what pests are looking for. It’s best to wipe down counters, especially sticky spots and put away leftover food after each meal. 


In some cases, overhanging branches and overgrown shrubs can become used as bridges for pests to enter your home. Trimming back your trees and shrubs regularly is the best way to avoid this problem.

Overall, our team here at Best Home and Property Service wants you to be pest-free this season so try your best to avoid all these common issues. If you have any pest issues or need any inspections, give us a call and we’d be happy to help!

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